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The time has come for your biannual dental cleaning and exam at Complete Care Dental, but you are a little nervous. You are not alone in your worries. You may be surprised to learn that dental fears and anxieties are common. Luckily, there are some ways that you and your dentists can overcome your nervousness together.

Tell your dentists about your fears immediately. From your first phone call to schedule an appointment, be honest and upfront about your fears. That way, Dr. Dhillon and Dr. Woo can meet your dental needs while helping you feel comfortable.

Go to your first appointment with someone you trust. Bring a close relative or a friend who does not have dental fears with you to your first visit.

Establish a signal. Have some kind of cue, like raising a hand, to let your dentists know that you are uncomfortable and you would like them to stop for a minute. This can give you the chance to rinse or catch a breath.

Seek distraction while in the dental chair. Listen to music with headphones during treatment. You can also watch TV in the treatment room.

Try relaxation techniques. Controlled breathing may help. Take a deep breath, hold it, and release it slowly. Another useful technique is called progressive muscle relaxation. Tense and relax different muscle groups one at a time.

We welcome you to contact our welcoming dental office today so we can discuss your dental and comfort needs and so you can schedule a reservation with our dentists in Woodlyn, Pennsylvania. Our team is excited to get to know you!