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Losing a tooth to untreated tooth decay or a severe fracture that required dental extraction can have serious ramifications for the overall function of your mouth. Even if you adjust to an impaired chewing ability and any effects on your appearance, you could still end up suffering orthodontic complications. If the surrounding teeth start to migrate toward the void, it could cause multiple alignment issues or even cause dental attrition problems.

There are two dental restorations Dr. Neil Dhillon might recommend. A dental bridge can replicate the missing tooth by having a replacement tooth cast into a solid piece of dental work with a crown at each end. However, some people with a bridge restoration feel that it lacks the same strength and feel they enjoyed with the original tooth.

To address a concern like this, Dr. Neil Dhillon might recommend a dental implant. This is a titanium abutment he surgically inserts directly into the bone structure that is remaining in the socket. One special property of titanium is its ability to gradually integrate with the surrounding bone tissues. As time goes by, this will create a firm anchor for an eventual dental crown restoration.

Once this occurs, he will take an impression of the area and start the process of fitting the abutment for a standard crown. With good oral hygiene habits, this can restore the strength and feel of the original natural tooth.

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