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Your teeth are anchored in their sockets by a series of periodontal ligaments. While these ligaments are very strong, it is possible for an accident or a blow to the face to cause so much trauma that one of your teeth can be completely knocked out. When this happens, the chances of successfully implanting the tooth back into the socket are very low.

In cases like this, Dr. Neil Dhillon and Dr. Grace Woo will often recommend having the knocked-out tooth completely restored by installing a bridge. This is essentially a single piece of dental work that replicates the function and appearance of the knocked-out tooth. This artificial tooth is fused to a pair of crowns that are anchored on abutments formed out of the two closest teeth.

One of the most effective ways to fill the void left by the missing tooth is to install a standard piece of bridgework.  This basically mimics the appearance of a natural tooth that has been fused to a pair of crowns. Each end of the bridge is cemented onto abutments formed out of the core of the two neighboring teeth.

To form the two abutments, Dr. Neil Dhillon and Dr. Grace Woo will use a drill to remove the tooth enamel from each of the teeth. This creates a small protective sheath housing the healthy pulp, root and nerve of each tooth. Temporary crowns are then secured over each abutment to protect it.

They will then create a detailed impression of the abutments and the other teeth related in your bite. This will be sent to a dental lab to help guide them as they produce your permanent bridge

When your new bridge arrives from the dental lab, one of our Complete Care Dental staff member will call you to schedule a follow up appointment. Your temporary crowns will be removed and your new permanent bridge will be cemented in place. With proper care and maintenance, the new bridge will serve to restore your knocked-out tooth for many years to come!

If one of your teeth has been knocked out, you should not delay in contacting Dr. Neil Dhillon and Dr. Grace Woo’s office in Woodlyn, Pennsylvania for immediate treatment. We can be reached by calling 610.833.1919 today.