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Did you know that your mouth may change as you age? Are you trying to find ways to take care of your oral health during this season of your life? Today we would like to identify a few common concerns found in adults ages 55 and above and what can be done to address them.

Many people in this walk of life may experience dry mouth, which could be caused by certain medical disorders or as a side effect of medications. Dry mouth occurs when saliva production is reduced. The soft tissues in your mouth can become irritated and they become more vulnerable to infection. Saliva also helps to naturally purge the mouth of food particles. If you suffer from a dry mouth on a regular basis, you may be at a higher risk for tooth decay.

To help treat your dry mouth, you can try chewing on sugar-free gums or candies to help stimulate your saliva production. You could also drink more water to help keep your mouth moisturized. Our doctors may also recommend an oral rinse for you to use.

It is also important to remember that you are not immune to dental decay and should still get checked regularly by one of our doctors. Tooth decay could begin to develop underneath fillings that may be failing without your knowledge, and new cavities could form anywhere without you having a feeling of discomfort. Having a regular checkup can help stop these before they become even larger problems.

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