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As your wedding day rounds the corner and heads toward you, you’re likely scrambling to complete all your “To-Do” checklists. This can be quite stressful. Not to make matters worse, but do you have your smile on your checklist? If not, it’s time to add it so you can have the perfect smile for your perfect day.

Fortunately, Dr. Neil Dhillon and our dental team offer many dental treatments that can help you and your imperfect smile. Those treatments are teeth whitening, dental veneers, and dental crowns.

Teeth whitening is a beneficial treatment that is handy if you have a dull, stained smile. When you whiten your teeth, you can achieve the smile of your dreams in a quick, easy, and painless way. Typically, the treatment consists of protecting your gums, placing a whitening tray over your teeth, washing your smile, and fixing any stubborn discoloration with an ultraviolet light.

Dental veneers are small, thin shells that cover your teeth and disguise their imperfections. For the best results and appearance possible, the veneers are made in a dental lab. Because they are custom made, they can fit perfectly over your teeth and they can give you the smile you’ve always wanted. In addition, they are also stain free, which means they can give you a white and stunning smile for many years.

Dental crowns are strong, reliable tooth caps that can improve misshapen, discolored, and even cracked teeth. They are custom made for your specific smile and they fit perfectly over your chompers. They are also strong enough to withstand chewing forces, which means you can replace any tooth in any section of your mouth. Dental crowns can also help you enhance any tooth that takes the beauty away from your smile.

Are you ready to enhance your smile with one or more of these cosmetic dental treatments in Woodlyn, Pennsylvania? If so, don’t be afraid to call Complete Care Dental at 610.833.1919 at your earliest convenience. We are happy to schedule an appointment at the best time possible, examine your smile, and determine which treatment is best for you. Then we’ll be on our way to giving you the smile you’ve always wanted. We look forward to helping you!