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When it comes to cosmetic dental procedures, dental bonding is popular because it is not as expensive or convenient as other options. It is also less invasive and less expensive. One of the best things about this treatment is that it can be done in just one office visit unless there are several teeth needing coverage, and doesn’t always necessitate anesthesia.

Also, dental bonding doesn’t involve removing tooth enamel, or at least, very little. Contrast that with dental veneers and crowns.

Using a unique composite resin or dental-grade plastic applied to the tooth, it can repair damage in the following ways:

– Repairs chipped or cracked teeth, which may have occurred due to injury from sports, vehicle crash, long-term wear, and tear, or from nighttime teeth grinding.

– Conceals tooth stains that a professional tooth whitening treatment can’t effectively address.

– Fills cavities using tooth-colored composite resin that looks natural in your smile. Unlike amalgam fillings, which rely on dark colored metals, bonding helps those teeth that are highly visible look more appealing.

– Camouflages dental flaws such as minor tooth gaps, lengthening or widening teeth which are disproportionately small, short, or thin, filling in the gaps or unevenness, without the help of orthodontics.

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