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Building a better smile means always be aware of the risks associated with dental damage. There are numerous ways that you can slowly destroy your smile, whether it’s due to an oral accident or injury in your daily life, unhealthy cleaning routines that feature poor oral hygiene tactics or unhealthy foods and drinks you consume. If you do have an unhealthy diet, it is important to assess all potential oral health risks and eliminate them as necessary. Your key to building a better smile can begin with knowing which foods and drinks to avoid.

Avoid any products that can stick to your teeth and gums. This is because the longer substances are in contact with your teeth, the longer damage can occur. To lower your rate at which tooth decay occurs in your mouth, always make sure it is cleaned out. In addition, you can avoid dietary selections such as chewy and sticky sweets. Similarly, you should be aware that the sugars and starches in many products can be extremely detrimental to your oral health because they will transform into harmful acids in your mouth due to plaque buildup and potentially damage to your tooth enamel.

Are you aware of the risks associated with sticky foods and hard snacks? Acidic foods refer to those items that have a low pH level. The lower the pH level, the higher the acidity. Some specific snacks including sour sweets are so low in pH they are nearly comparable to battery acid. Also, avoid hard snacks, which refers to products that are difficult to bite into, such as popcorn kernels or corn on the cob. To keep your smile safe avoid biting into any hard snacks.

You can seek the path to oral health greatness by avoiding unhealthy food. Drs. Dhillon and Woo and our team at Complete Care Dental are here for you. To come see us at our office in Woodlyn, Pennsylvania, please call us at 610.833.1919 to schedule an appointment.