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To keep yourself safe from the risk of tooth hazards, always establish effective tooth hazard prevention plans to help assist you as you go through life. Tooth hazards can arise in many forms and can be caused by even the simplest activities. To keep your smile safe from tooth hazard risks, assess which dental damage factors are present in your life and guard yourself accordingly. Common types of risks include the following:

– Tongue piercings are known tooth hazards because they can easily cause severe dental damage. Even when they are placed, they can be responsible for nerve damage and burst blood vessels. Furthermore, they can wear down your gums, chip and crack teeth, become a haven for bacteria, and lead to infections.

– Some tooth hazards may occur unconsciously. One particular example is when you grind your teeth, often at night. This is called bruxism and will need to be treated before it causes further damage to your smile.

– Be careful if you ever chew on hard products such as ice or cough drops. Although you may have been able to chew through these products as a young child, your teeth may we have weakened over time and are more susceptible to breaking or cracking. Furthermore, cough drops often contain sugars, which are known to be converted into harmful acids in your mouth and chew through your tooth enamel.

With the skilled craftsmanship of Dr. Neil Dhillon and our team at our office in Woodlyn, Pennsylvania, we can make sure your smile thrives with tooth hazard prevention. To book an appointment for tooth hazard prevention at Complete Care Dental, call us at 610.833.1919.