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We provide all aspects of dentistry for all your dental needs


When you have a cavity, decayed and infected tooth structure is removed and replaced with a white tooth colored composite material, to protect and seal the tooth.

Root Canals

Root canals can save a tooth when decay approaches the nerve and causes hypersensitivity and pain or infection. We remove the nerve from the tooth and fill the empty nerve space and tooth to restore it to normal, pain free function.

Crown and Bridge

A crown is needed when a tooth is at risk of breaking or fracturing. It is a full coverage restoration that protects the tooth from further damage and is also sometimes needed after a root canal.

A bridge is a great choice if you are missing a tooth and an implant is not an option for you.

Tooth Extraction/Oral Surgery

Extensive decay, infection or bone loss may lead to the need for a tooth to be removed. In these cases, an implant may be placed at the time of extraction.

Scaling and Root Planing

Scaling and root planing (otherwise known as 'SRP' or 'Deep Cleaning') is a cleaning procedure performed on patients who have lost bone due to periodontal disease.

This procedure maintains the health of remaining gums and bone to prevent teeth from getting loose.

White Spot Removal

White spots on teeth commonly found after braces can be removed easily using ICON, painlessly and without drilling.


Removable prosthetics can be crafted for patients with missing teeth to fit their individual needs.

Mouth Guards

Athletic guards as well habit-correcting (grinding/clenching etc) mouth guards can be custom fabricated to protect your smile.

Care For Our Young Patients

We provide care for the whole family from 4 years+! We do a comprehensive exam including a check up, x-rays, cleaning and fluoride application to strengthen tooth enamel. If indicated, sealants are placed in the deep grooves of adult teeth to prevent tooth decay. After the appointment is done, the little ones get to pick a toy from our Toy Chest!

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